Walking in the East Riding and GPS

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There has been an explosion of GPS enabled devices in the last few years; from rugged walking units, to PDAs, smart-phones and car sat-navs. Such devices offer a good complement to paper maps, with their accurate display of location, use of waypoints to mark points of interest etc.

One valuable feature of most of these devices is the ability to import or export tracks/trails as GPX files. Such files are a record of the walk/drive taken and can be compared with a digital map or Google Earth, and used as a guide by people who have never done the walk before.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council website 'Walking the Riding' has a good selection of walks throughout the region, and I will include the GPX files for these walks as I get round to it. Current walks are listed below by place name, and include the GPX file and and walk information.

Even if you don't have a GPS device, you can still view the GPX files in Google Earth (download the GPX file to your computer, and then drag the file into Google Earth). This is a good way of getting a bird's eye overview of the walk, but please note that the trail shown will not necessarily correspond exactly with what you view in Google Earth. This is as a result of inaccuracy in the GPX file (depending on how it was made) and more importantly on the accuracy of how Google links the image to the real location (this can vary from anywhere between a few meters to a 100 m or so!

If you like the idea of searching for hidden "treasure", solving clues, or just making a walk more interesting, then why not try geocaching? The aim is to find a hidden cache, often containing a log book and other goodies, which you can exchange for something of your own. It's good fun, especially if you have kids ... have a look at the link on the right.

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  • Please note that the 'Walking the Riding Walks' listed here are copyright of ERYC, and information links lead to the Council website. GPX files are copyright of I.M. Sutherland, and may only be reproduced along with this copyright information and reference to this website.

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